Get Healthy Now! Strategy Session

In my ten+ years of coaching people through a myriad of chronic dis-ease challenges, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the journey to recovering health. I offer you a fresh and empowering perspective: you do not have to be forever at the mercy of your dis-ease.

If you’re here, it’s probably because your current strategy isn’t working.

  • Has your recovery plateaued and you’re longing to feel like you’re actually getting better?
  • Are you ready to transcend the usual health care paradigm to a more sustainable  recovery plan?
  • Are you overwhelmed by your recent diagnosis, or looking for one and coming up empty?
  • Do you just need some guidance and support navigating your journey?

Well, what are we waiting for?! Let’s you and I dive into a life-altering conversation about you and your health!

In your Get Healthy Now! 90-min strategy session we will:

  • Explore your health from a functional medicine perspective — considering the physical, emotional and spiritual components of your recovery.
  •  Understand how and why your symptoms are connected — this insight will save you YEARS of time navigating doctors’ offices.
  • Identify the possible root causes of your chronic condition(s).
  • Discuss a variety of nutrition and lifestyle modification tools available to you.

Most importantly, we will get serious about how your attitude is the key to your recovery. We’ll talk about taking the right kind of responsibility for your health — that means letting go of any guilt, shame or overidentification you have about being sick. Once you have clarity around this, you can move on to accepting where you are and start taking effective action.

By the end of our session you will:

  • Feel relieved and more hopeful than you have in years!
  • Understand the nature of your illness from a whole new perspective.
  • Be conscious of the nutrition and lifestyle changes that make sense at this time.
  • Have a plan of action to work from.

If you’re ready to end this struggle once and for all, I can help you.

The Get Healthy Now! Strategy Session is $285 for individuals and $395 for a child with his/her parents (both parents’ health history gets evaluated, in addition to the child’s). I am committed to you being thrilled with this investment. If for any reason you feel you don’t get 100% value for your money, I will refund your fee with no questions asked.

Ready to get healthy now? Please fill out the form below. Once you click the “Reserve Now” button you will be redirected to PayPal to make a $25 reservation payment (this fee will be credited to the session total). I will soon contact you to schedule the session.