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I will help you define the self-care you need to get healthier and support you in learning to practice that self-care consistently over time.

These are six life-changing skills you will learn through health coaching with me:

  1. Listening to your body — know what you need at any given moment.
  2. Understanding the nutrition principles you need — end the confusion around food for good.
  3. Reprogramming your mind for healing — love yourself first for everyone’s sake.
  4. Building your healing recipe — give your body the chance to recover and it will.
  5. Getting your calorie-free nourishment — what feeds you beyond food?
  6. Cultivating your health in the kitchen — ’cause that’s where the magic happens!


Great! Please schedule a Get Healthy Now! 90-min strategy sessionDo you have a question before you schedule your session? I’m happy to discuss it on the phone. Contact me.

Health Coaching programs are completely personalized, last a minimum of three months, and start at $995. 


If you have a good idea of what you need to do to jumpstart your recovery but are craving some hands-on help in the kitchen this might be what you’re looking for.

Together you and I will optimize your kitchen to make complying with your therapeutic diet realistic on a daily basis. Depending on your needs, we may also plan menus or cook together.

Does that sound like the motivation you need?

Great! To get started devising your plan of action, please schedule a Get Healthy Now! 90-min strategy sessionDo you have a question before you schedule your session? I’m happy to discuss it on the phone. Contact me!

Kitchen Hacking sessions last approximately 2.5 hours, and start at $295


You know that home cooked meals are critically important in your healing journey but you don’t have the time/ interest/ energy to do the cooking yourself just yet? What if I do it for you?

services-03When you’re just getting started on a plan of action, outsourcing the cooking can ease your overwhelm and get you in the groove.

With more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry and a real gift for making elimination diets fun and interesting, I’m proud to serve a select group of clients not only as their health coach, but also as their personal chef.

We can develop weekly, biweekly or monthly menus, so even if you don’t live in the NY metro area, I might be able to cook for you.

Does having your own personal chef sound dreamy?
Great! To get started devising your plan of action, please schedule a Get Healthy Now! 90-min strategy session. Do you have a question before you schedule your session? I’m happy to discuss it on the phone. Contact me!

Personal chef services start at $360 per day.


If the pressures of your daily life are keeping you from reaching the next level in your recovery, this might be the solution you need.


A whole day dedicated your health-recovery efforts. I’ll come to YOUR kitchen and we’ll:

  • Plan your individualized nutrition plan
  • Reset your pantry and fridge
  • Design your first nutrient-dense menu
  • Cook a full meal together
  • Establish your mindful eating and food journaling practices
  • Address your specific health challenges and needs

Ready to put your health first?

Great! To get started devising your plan of action, please schedule a Get Healthy Now! 90-min strategy session. Do you have a question before you schedule your session? I’m happy to discuss it on the phone! Contact me.

VIP days start at $695 and include a health coaching follow-up session.

“Andrea has been an essential member of my health care team for over three years. She’s supported my progress from the time I was still eating junk food and has taught me — through coaching and as my personal chef — to love healthy food that really helps my body heal from the chronic exhaustion and lose the excess weight caused by depressed thyroid function.

Andrea has a light touch as a coach which allows me to progress at my own speed without ever feeling rushed or wronged. And she packs a flavor punch in the kitchen! Even during the times I’ve had the toughest dietary restrictions she’s managed to come up with a yummy menu. I don’t ever feel food deprived! She is always available to me and open to feedback. It is very important to me that I keep the control of my progress and Andrea not only supports but encourages me to do so.”

Mindy Goldstein | New York, NY

“Andrea, from the get-go, showed a warmth and sincere investment in my personal growth because she loves what she does and she honors every individual’s journey. I trusted her immediately and she never let me down. She has helped me to uncover so much about myself and my relationship to food and led me down a path of healing I never dreamt possible.”

Stacey Kalish | Los Angeles, CA

“Cuando comenzé  a trabajar con Andrea estaba muy mal, tenia una gastritis crónica (por mas de 4 años) que no me permitía dormir, casi todo lo que comía caía mal a mi estomago y el dolor abdominal era casi continuo, dormía mal, mi piel estaba seca y mi cabello sin vida, estaba baja en peso y me sentía débil todo el tiempo.

En la primera semana sentí el cambio, su método es sabio, efectivo y rápido.  Ahora me siento totalmente sana de la gastritis, me alimento muchísimo mejor ya que Andrea me enseño lo que realmente mi cuerpo necesita para estar bien, tengo energía, duermo mis noches completas, tengo el peso ideal para mi.

Andrea no solo me ayudo a sanar mi cuerpo si no que me enseño a conocerlo, me quito tabúes que tenia a cerca de la alimentación y me encamino a conocer mejor mi sistema digestivo para saber que le hace bien a mi cuerpo, ella es dulce, segura, carismática y muy sabia al realizar su trabajo. Una gran bendición!”


“When I began working with Andrea, I was quite sick. I had chronic gastritis (for more than four years) that prevented me from sleeping, nearly everything I ate upset my stomach, and I had virtually continuous abdominal pain. I slept poorly, my skin was dry, and my hair was lifeless.  I was underweight and I felt weak all the time.

In the very first week,I felt the change. Her method is wise, effective, and rapid. Now I feel totally cured from the gastritis. I eat much, much better because Andrea taught me what my body really needs to be healthy. I have energy. I sleep through the whole night. I have returned to my ideal weight.

Andrea didn’t just help me get a healthy body, she taught me to understand it. I discarded taboos I had about nutrition and I began to gain better knowledge of my digestive system in order to understand what serves my body well.  She is sweet, confident, charismatic, and very knowledgeable about her work. She’s a true blessing.”

Andrea Tierra | New York, NY

“Before I started working with Andrea, I was incredibly exhausted both physically and emotionally. I was overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to feed myself, and therefore was not eating well nor supporting the other healing modalities I was exploring. I would end up ordering takeout after taking $20 worth of supplements!

Since starting to work with Andrea, I have lost about 7 lbs and am cooking regularly for myself each week. I feel much calmer now. I have a better sense of what I can eat. And Andrea has given me invaluable insights — like noticing that I wasn’t standing with my weight balanced evenly on my two feet while chopping onions. The most important change, however, is the emotional stability I feel now that I am more comfortable cooking in my own kitchen. I cannot describe the peace and satisfaction I get from cooking — something I have never experienced before! I feel it has become a creative outlet for me, and something that I look at more as a game to practice vs. just an end goal.

Andrea is incredibly invested in her clients’ wellbeing and success. I truly appreciate the thoughtful, personal follow-ups and guidance as well as the acknowledgement that each person is different and that there will be trial and error as I go through the healing process. She’s very knowledgable, and unique in the variety of services she offers.I have yet to hear of anyone else with whom you could place an order for tailor-made, home-cooked food, do a health-coaching session and/or take a cooking lesson! Her delicious recipes and kind personality really make her the best coach in NYC!

Alison B | New York, NY