The Secret to Healing Your Body

by Andrea on July 10, 2012

in Healing

My mom suffers from chronically high blood pressure. She has since she was pregnant with my brother, who is now 31.

My mom managed her hypertension by following the traditional doctor’s indications — medication and a diet low in salt and fat — pretty rigorously for years, and whereas these measures kept her numbers within a “healthy” range, this kind of treatment never leads to improvement. If she stopped taking medication, her blood pressure would raise again.

For a long time my mom never thought too hard about her medical care, but things started to change because she got very, very sick. So sick, she feared she was going to die. She had a degree of fatigue she could only explain as feeling like her body was slowly shutting down. She thought she would die on her sleep.

Many doctors’ appointments and tests afterwards, no one could explain to her what was going on. Highly intuitive as she is, she felt that somehow the medical establishment was killing her. She decided she needed to change her strategy all together.

She stopped going to regular doctors and looked for an alternative solution in energy medicine. Thankfully that worked! Just as quickly as she recovered her health, she lost the little faith in conventional medicine she still had left.

Turns out that the combination of a new diuretic drug her doctor had put her on with the very strict low salt diet she was following were demineralizing her body at a pretty fast rate. And yes, at that pace, she would probably have died quickly, had she not decided to radically change her course of action.

Ironically, the recovery treatment was fairly simple. Some tweaks on her diet — she needed salt!! — plus a few IV’s with bio-available minerals brought the relief, in less than a week, that months of constant doctors visits couldn’t.

My mom didn’t get “cured”, however. She still suffers from hypertension. But that episode helped her understand that the prospect of taking medication for the rest of her life was not only unappealing, but in fact, unsustainable. The need to work towards healing, rather than managing her symptoms forever, became evident.

So, how has my mom’s life changed? How’s aiming for healing different from managing her symptoms? Especially because, as of now, she is still taking medication?

The most important shift she experienced, was of perspective. My mom had given into the idea that she would take medication for the rest of her life, and that there was nothing she could do to change that. But now, she can consider a different reality in spite of what the doctors said for years. She is pushing herself out of her comfort zone, and she has faith it’s worth it.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many people who for one or another reason, went through a similar paradigm shift. They were forced to search for an alternative solution to their health problems, because they came to understand that the standard ones weren’t sustainable.

But there’s no healing magic pill…

Healing takes time and patience. It requires that you start thinking longer term than you probably ever have: How is what I am doing, or eating or thinking NOW going to affect me tomorrow? What about next week/month/year?

In order to heal, you need to consciously re-evaluate your priorities. How are you investing your time/money/energy? Why? What are the things that truly matter in your life?

Healing the physical body can’t happen in the physical plane alone. It is a process that involves all your being — the way you feel, think and act. Healing is reinventing yourself.

And there’s also plenty of frustration…

You may start working with a holistic practitioner of some sort. They say you need to change your diet and focus on your stress management. That alone is overwhelming, but you try your best. You feel somewhat better, but it’s not enough. You may try acupuncture, homeopathy, or chiropractic. You experience some recovery, but it certainly doesn’t seem proportional to the amount of work you’re putting in. And maybe, just as in my mom’s case, you cannot wean yourself off medication as you had planned…

You doubt yourself. Why can’t I get well? What am I doing wrong? Is this diet really helping? When can I stop the meds? Will I be able to, ever?

And there are setbacks. Something that seemed to be working, after a while, just doesn’t any longer and you have no idea why. And that happens again. And again. More doubts creep up on your mind.

How long is this going to take? 6 months? A year? Five? No one can say for sure. Sometimes it seems like you were doing better when you were eating your takeouts, drinking your coffee and unconsciously popping your pills.

Believe me, I hear you. But, as I ask my mom when she gets discouraged, just how long has it been? In her case, over thirty years. That’s how long her body has relied on medication to regulate her blood pressure. It’s been about five since she considered to change her course and no more than two since she became really proactive about it. After the changes she’s made, she is on half the dose of a less concentrated drug than what she was taking two years ago. What about you? Healing takes time!

Treating chronic conditions with medication and doctor’s nutritional indications — given the poor understanding of nutrition that most doctors have — doesn’t lead to improvement, but merely to maintenance of the disease. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s unacceptable, because I know that the body is an incredible machine, that’s constantly rebuilding itself.

So, what’s the secret?

There is no secret. But if there were one, I’d say it is to accept that healing is a journey, not a destination. Your health will improve over time, if you work at it. You might even get off of medication sooner than you thought you would. And you will get to know yourself better than you ever did. Become an advocate for your own healing and a witness of your progress. Not only will you get healthy but you will create a richer life experience for yourself in the process.

No one says it’s easy, but it is totally worth it. And you deserve it.

Do you or anyone close to you defied the medical establishment and found your way to the amazing self-healing capacity of your own gorgeous body? Will you inspire others by sharing your experience in the comments?

This is for you P. My heart is yours.

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1 Cath Byrne 07.11.12 at 12:47 pm

Andrea, I have been reading your blog for some time now and always value what you have to say. I had missed hearing from you and really appreciated your sharing with us what you have been going through. As Michael Beckwith says, when we feel like our backs are up against a wall, they are… the wall of a birth canal. Thinking of you.
As I read your blog today about your Mom’s blood pressure I wanted to tell you about a very special whole raw food blend of opened seeds that a friend told me about 7 months ago that has taken away my migraines (which I suffered from monthly for 5 years!) and it has lowered my friends’ (who is an ER nurse) husband’s blood pressure. Other friends have been helped with aches and pains, cholestorol lowering, insomnia, etc. My Mom who has leaky gut syndrome has also started to eat small amounts of it and it is healing her gut. Please be in touch if you’d like to hear more as I would love your Mom and others to at least be able to know about it. It’s called MILA and my website is (under the product tab, see videos and watch the first one by Scott Kelly about Mila). Both traditional and alternative practitioners are seeing the incredible value of it – it is the highest plant based source of Omega3s, has fiber, full amino acid protein, antioxidants and phytonutrients. I’ve never said anything till now about this – but today reading about your Mom, I had to tell you. Thinking of you, and your Mom, Cath


Andrea Reply:

Thanks for the info Cath, though I am highly skeptical of products that make huge health claims, specially if they are not openly available… Not my thing.


2 Nancy 07.11.12 at 3:55 pm

Just reading your post inspired me to reply::::: My young adult son was sick for a year. He’s just finding his way back to well-being. When he gets discouraged about not being at full vitality, I tell him: when you’ve been sick that long, it takes a season.
I also know wellness grows. I had decades of back pain from a car accident at age 18. After giving birth, I was in excruciating pain everyday. I never gave up and now I have the healthiest back. Everyone else I know hurts, and I am pain free. People don’t seem to want to put in the time to do the simple practices to stabilize and strengthen. Love from Nancy


Andrea Reply:

Thank you so much for sharing Nancy!


3 Pat Walters 07.11.12 at 4:33 pm

I am 64 and have had high blood pressure since my son’s birth 27 years ago. I have been on and off different medications for years. One doctor told me that the medications would kill me before the hypertension and I never forgot that.
Several weeks ago a nutritionist at a weight loss challenge introduced us
to green smoothies. I bought a Vitamix(you can use a regular blender) and started drinking 8 oz. everyday of this recipe- Large handful of kale, 1/2 a cucumber, 2 kiwis, small handful of parsley, 1 apple, water to desired consistency.
Within three weeks my blood pressure(no medication) was down to 130/80 which for me is outstanding. I realize that current standards say that is still high but I will continue to drink the smoothies. I have lost a few pounds but I had lost more weight in the past and the BP remained high. So the nutritionist and I are convinced it’s the greem smoothie!
Fix some for your mom, more veggies and fruits can’t hurt right?
Thanks for all of the information that you share!


Andrea Reply:

That’s awesome Pat! Seems like this is working well for you. Green smoothies are not the best thing for my mom right now, but we are approaching the issue in a way that works for her ;-). When it comes to healing… we’re all different!


4 Dena Allen 07.12.12 at 10:38 pm

I took my blood serum cholesterol from 298 to 185 in a month with red yeast rice. Yes, this natural product does contain statin, but it is unpurified statin so it does not have the side effects like muscle pain and stiffness and it isn’t nearly as hard on your liver. Red yeast rice that has been fermented by red yeast. It is the red in Peking duck. I should note that I was working out like an animal during this time.


5 Richard 09.10.12 at 10:54 am

Thank you for sharing your mom’s journey. It is amazing how conditioned we are to look for an instant cure when our slip into dis-ease usually was so gradual. I love hearing how people chose wellness and the return to health and vibrancy.


6 Cheryl 10.12.12 at 1:01 pm

I’m glad you bring up this topic. I learned many years ago that pharmaceuticals can have deleterious effects In 1981 I blacked out and fainted. Before that happened my joints were achy for months and I was spacy and utterly fatigued. My blood tests came back normal, I was the “textbook picture of health” according to the doctor who took a jump back when he saw my blood pressure, 80/40, but assured me “low is good” and I said “not that low” (you idiot, I was thinking). I was yawning every 2 seconds and he sarcastically asked “am I keeping you up?” I told him this was abnormal fatigue and not a joking matter. In my medical history I mentioned having taken mass quantities of antibiotics for swimmer’s ear three times in one year in 1974 and before that I was healthy as a horse at 19. He told me that couldn’t be affecting me now 6 years later but I assumed that had to be false. I couldn’t work any longer so I basically slept for 6 months on my friend’s couch. One morning she made me whole wheat pancakes and fresh squeezed orange juice after which I passed out for 5 hours like I was drugged. Somehow I stumbled upon Dr. Crook’s “The Yeast Connection” in ’82 and every seemingly-unrelated symptom I had was there; I followed the protocol and got some anti-fungal medication from France (made by Squibb, sold over the counter there and not allowed in US) and made the slow recovery to health. A year later my doctor called telling me he figured out my problem and I told him we had come to the same conclusion and I had the matter under control. Another time I was misdiagnosed with connection joint tissue disease for which I was prescribed medication for the rest of my life. I had a partially dislocated clavicle for which I had seen no less than 9 people, including my chiropractor, medical doctor and several orthopedic surgeons. I finally found a chiroprator who correctly diagnosed the issue and popped it into place after it had been out of the socket for 18 months. I was self-medicating on 12 Advil a day because no one could prescribe anything for the pain that worked. Naturally, I was pretty weak after all that and detoxed all those drugs out of my system. I’m pretty skeptical now, especially when drugs are prescribed. ( a system not generally acknowledged by the medical community until AIDS). I work very hard to maintain health what with flouride in the water and GMOs and pesticides and airborne pollution, etc. I have since found holistic practitioners and rely less and less on Western traditional medicine. I am empowered hearing these stories and thank you for sharing.



Andrea Reply:

Thank YOU for sharing yours Cheryl!!


7 rebecca 10.30.12 at 7:35 am

tried the apple and ginger kvass last week and the flavour was a bit weak. Maybe I need to add more ginger. what size jar do you use?


Andrea Reply:

Hi Rebeca. I use 1L jars.


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