When Sugar Cravings are The Need for Sweetness

by Andrea on October 12, 2010

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cute kittens

How do you describe the smile of a beautiful baby? Or little kittens playing? Or a tender word from a friend? You don’t say, Oh, how salty, or, Oh, how bitter. Can you see where I’m going already? Yes, we say, Oh how… SWEET.

How come?

Somehow we relate beautiful, tender, pure people/situations/things with a TASTE. And we just know that certain things ARE sweet, don’t we?

Sweetness is comfort. Sweetness is soft. Sweetness is beauty. Sweetness is safe. Sweetness is reassuring. Is this why we LOVE sweet foods? Or is it the other way around — that we love sweet foods BECAUSE of the qualities sweetness represent for us?

There are, of course, many, many reasons why we crave sugar, but it’s been my experience with clients over and over, that it’s impossible to break through your sugar abuse if you don’t understand your relationship with sweetness.

So… how much sweetness is there in your life?

What are the things that give you comfort, safety, security, softness, beauty, delight, cuteness, reassurance… love?

Do you feel tight right now? Tense? Does it seem like you spend your life in a pressure cooker always about to explode? Do you dread getting home? Not a lot of sweetness there…

All of these factors influence how much sugar you crave and how much you eat — and let me remind you that pasta, bread and all other refined, simple carbohydrates, as well as alcohol, all count towards this equation.

If you want to crave sugar less, then you need to allow more sweetness in your life. Soften up. Relax. Let go of outcome. Learn to look at the glass half full. Drop your expectations that someone outside of you is responsible for your happiness.

Open up a little. I know it’s scary, but the prospect of a bitter life is much more scary, wouldn’t you say? Find sweetness and welcome it. Let yourself marvel at the little miracles that are happening around you all the time. Get a massage occasionally and ask your friends, your children, your coworkers, to hug you frequently.

Spend time alone — it’s good for you — but not too much. Look for closeness. Smile at babies. Get a pet. Get flowers for someone you love.

You may try sugar cures. You may use willpower. You may follow experts’ recommendations — including mine. And it might work. It’ll probably work. But it will not be enough, unless you find that sweetness beyond what you put in your mouth. It’s just how we are wired.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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1 Sandy 10.15.10 at 6:58 am

One thing that has really helped me with my sugar cravings is burning sweet scented candles in my home. Somehow being able to smell vanilla and fruits and spices helps me keep from wanting to put sweets in my mouth. I also make my home a “safe haven” and don’t bring in things like cookies or pastries. I rarely even go down that aisle in the food store any more….except when I need bread. Funny how they put a necissity like bread right with all the sweets we definitely _don’t_ need. Coincedence? I think not! Have a Sweet day.


Andrea Reply:

Wow! That’s a unusual technique Sandy. Glad you found that works for you :-)


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